Leveraging diverse expertise
to expand and accelerate opportunities

Over the course of our business Above and Beyond Concierge Therapeutics has collaborated with select firms uniquely positioned to leverage our discoveries or support our techniques. We work closely with these enterprises as we acquire clients, advance our clinical trials, perform assays and diagnostics, and develop new methodologies. The brief profiles below reflect the collaborative capabilities that augment our efforts and add context to the rapidly advancing biotechnology ecosystem in which we operate.

AcuraStem Formed in 2016, AcuraStem is a precision medicine platform addressing ALS. Using ALS-patient stem cells and advanced machine-learning technology, AcuraStem creates cellular models and assays that facilitate laboratory investigation of disease etiology and therapeutic interventions. Commercial and academic entities may access this platform to test promising drugs and biologics. AcuraStem is headquartered in Monrovia, California. Visit Website
Collaborative Medicinal Development LLC.  With a focus on cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, Collaborative Medicinal Development LLC pursues clinical trials of promising drugs in these areas. A current clinical trial of CuATSM, a small synthetic copper-containing molecule, was begun in ALS patients in 2016. Collaborative Medicinal Development’s U.S. headquarters are located in Sausalito, California. Visit Website
Insilico Medicine mission is to extend healthy longevity through next generation Artifical Intelligence (AI) solutions for drug discovery, personalized healthcare, and anti-aging interventions. Insilico is developing new tools for drug discovery and repurposing, biomarker development and pursuing novel strategies for rapid validation. Insilico projects combine advances in genomics, big-data analysis, deep learning, reinforcement learning and a comprehensive drug discovery engine. The latter utilizes millions of samples and multiple data types to discover signatures of disease and identify the most promising targets for billions of molecules that already exist or can be generated de novo with the desired set of parameter. Visit Website
Icagen is an integrated early discovery partner, offering clients specialized technologies and deep scientific expertise to solve a myriad of challenges and optimize efficiency moving from target to lead. Icagen works in multi-year, integrated programs, as well as individual projects, to fill gaps in R&D efforts. Their process begins with druggable targets, and Icagen’s scientists bring exceptional experience in kinases, GPCR’s, ion channels and transporters using state-of-the-art computational chemistry methods. Once a target is selected, they can combine virtual screening, ultra-high throughput screening (uHTS), biology and medicinal chemistry to generate viable leads in a much shorter time than has traditionally been possible. Icagen is headquartered in Oro Valley, Arizona. Visit Website