Personalized-medicine company Above and Beyond Concierge Therapeutics is dedicated to the rapid discovery and development of new therapies, tailored for you and your family.

Above and Beyond puts your money to work for you, assembling a personalized Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) made up of world-renowned specialists who are incentivized to focus on halting and curing your disease. Unlike traditional foundations, biotechs and universities, your SAB focuses on interventions tailored specifically to your needs and your personal circumstances. We propose solutions; you choose which programs to pursue. Ultimately, your money works to find therapies to treat you, not the disease.


Accelerated Pace

When there’s no time to wait

At Above and Beyond, our unprecedented, personalized scientific advisory boards and stellar team partner together to create innovative solutions more rapidly and efficiently than has previously been possible. We push scientific boundaries, conducting hyper-personalized diagnostics and pioneering new investigative techniques in translational medicine to invent and test new therapies based on each patient’s unique biology and circumstances.

“We know of more than 30 genes in which mutations can cause ALS. We identified another gene and wanted to figure out if it had any significance. Nothing was known about it. We decided to create an enzymatic assay for it — no one has ever done this before. It took us eight months to do what typically could take five to ten years.”

Robert P. Bowser, Ph.D., Above and Beyond SAB member


Disrupting Traditional Models

Above and Beyond opens opportunities previously unavailable to patients. Our services create personalized pathways to treatments never before imagined or possible. While pharmaceutical companies stage drug development in a set sequence, Above and Beyond’s cash flow model allows us to fast-track the drug development process.

‘MENU’ of Interventions: A custom-made approach

Our “menu” of interventions is unique to each patient. Above and Beyond’s approach focuses on hyper-personalized therapies, customized to each individual through a collection of uniquely innovative, cutting edge strategies. Once a treatment plan is established, we begin rapid execution on made-to-order interventions.


Our Advantage

From bench to bedside, individualized science at your fingertips

Above and Beyond’s dual approach, combining patient-specific research in parallel with the development of individualized therapies, accelerates progress and increases the likelihood of finding effective treatments.

  • We collaborate with top-tier academic and corporate scientists, selected precisely for the range of capabilities they can offer each individual patient.
  • We obtain personalized diagnoses through trailblazing genetic screening, biomarker assays and generation of patient stem cells for diagnostic and therapeutic screening.
  • We perform therapeutic screening on the patient’s own cells to repurpose existing drugs and discover new ones, specific to the patient’s disease.
  • We tailor gene and stem cell therapies to individual patients.
  • We accelerate translational development of promising preclinical therapies.

With a demonstrated ability to discover and develop unprecedented treatment models, Above and Beyond is revolutionizing the precision medicine field to treat and manage diseases with unmet clinical needs.