Personalized diagnostics and individuated therapy directed toward functional restoration

Above and Beyond Concierge Therapeutics delivers highly personalized therapeutic-oriented research combined with discovery and testing of novel therapeutic interventions at an accelerated pace for persons with incurable disease. Our non-traditional approach, integrating research and intervention seamlessly and aiming for the restoration of function, significantly departs from traditional medical care. Academic laboratories and clinical centers commonly have research agendas that are neither personalized nor routinely inclusive of external expertise. Traditional biotech firms focus on the most profitable interventions and are often slow paced. At Above and Beyond Concierge Therapeutics, we have created an established structure with demonstrated ability to discover and develop unprecedented therapies for single patients at an accelerated pace. We accomplish this through a series of complementary practices:

  • Dedicated clinical and research teams perform clinical re-evaluations; custom diagnosis using advanced technology and selected partnerships
  • Improved disease management through customized care plans based on client goals and rich data sets; clinical and physical care teams; disease monitoring
  • Cutting-edge treatment plans including tailored treatments, FDA-approved drug repurposing, and access to investigational drugs
  • Taking precision medicine to a new level, Above and Beyond recruits for each patient a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of field experts representing multiple disciplines, to determine all options that exist for the individual, beyond the customary standard of care, exploring novel therapies not being currently developed or clinically investigated

Throughout our work we are constantly exploring and testing ways to transition from protecting existing neuron function to translating innovations in order to restore lost functionality. We begin by presenting a broad array of personalized novel research and intervention options to each patient. These are triaged based on the probability of therapeutic success, degree of impact on the disease, the degree of risk, and the cost. Each patient decides which options to fund.

Once an intervention agenda is established, we begin execution at an unprecedented pace. Overlapping the timing of several interventions accelerates progress. Custom drug development may not be completed before Proof of Principle activities begin. These, in turn, may overlap with animal-based efficacy studies, which may overlap with biodistribution and toxicity studies.



How we innovate

Our innovation is enabled by a unique combination of factors:

  • We collaborate with top-tier academic and corporate scientists, deliberately selected for the range and specificity of capabilities they can afford a specific patient
  • Our leading-edge platforms and methods have proven successful in prior research and therapeutic interventions
  • We bring drug discoveries to Phase 1 trials, access investigational and repurposed drugs, tailor gene and stem cell therapies, and accelerate translational development of promising preclinical therapies
  • We utilize neural augmentation, such as brain-computer interfaces, to compensate for motor neuron deficits
  • We obtain personalized diagnostics through clinical re-evaluation, trailblazing genetic screening, biomarker assays, and generation of patient stem cells for diagnostic and therapeutic screening
  • Our dual-approach, combining patient-specific research in parallel with biologically individualized treatment innovations, accelerates progress and increases the likelihood that discoveries may translate into interventions
  • We seek avenues to restore function rather than limit interventions to protective efforts