Dr. Betourne, an expert in neuroscience, neurodegenerative disease and pharmacology, has over 15 years of experience in academic and biotech sectors.  He has extensive experience managing a diverse portfolio of projects, including small molecules and gene therapies for ALS.  Dr. Betourne earned his PharmD and PhD from Toulouse University in France. He subsequently obtained certification from the Project Management Institute. In addition to his work in the fields of pain, addiction, cognition, neurovirology, neurobiology of disease, pharmacokinetics & translational medical therapeutics, Dr. Betourne has over 10 years of experience supervising and training research staff and students.

With other Above and Beyond Concierge TherapeuticsScientific Advisory Board members, Dr. Betourne has investigated and published the potential benefits of using β2-Adrenoceptor agonists, typically used to treat asthma, as an agent with multiple possible pharmacologic benefits in treating ALS. In additional work Dr. Betourne and Above and Beyond colleagues demonstrated that Riluzole, an established orally administered drug for ALS, could be successfully administered in animal models via intrathecal (spinal cord) injection. Additionally, these experiments demonstrated a ten-fold increase in concentrations compared with traditional oral administration.