Above and Beyond Convenes First Neuromuscular Restoration Summit

ATLANTA, September 1, 2018 — Above and Beyond, a precision medicine company dedicated to discovering and translating new therapies for nervous system diseases at an accelerated pace, convened the Manhattan Neuromuscular Restoration Summit July 18-20, 2018 in New York. The Summit was attended by industry thought leaders and expert research scientists all dedicated to patient-focused solutions in the area of neurodegenerative diseases and nerve-based trauma.

Currently, the academic and commercial central focus of research in these conditions has been to identify mechanisms to protect and prevent further degeneration in these devastating diseases. In contrast, the purpose of the Manhattan Neuromuscular Restoration Summit was to look above and beyond the view of delaying deterioration and loss of function to actually restoring function that has been lost, making what seems impossible plausible.

“Our main goal was to look at this radical concept of rejuvenation,” said Above and Beyond Scientific Advisory Chair Nicholas Boulis, M.D. “We brought together experts from different fields such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury, to come up with pathways to tackle these problems.”

The collaborative and interactive convention allowed attendees to identify tangible opportunities to restore function and posit solutions that those in the group could address immediately, forming both short and long-term goals.

“The scientific community is mainly focused on protection from the loss of neuromotor function, but we want to focus on giving it back,” said Above and Beyond Chief Scientific Officer Chen Benkler, PhD., who is in charge of the neuromuscular restoration program. “This area of research has untapped potential because no group has tried this before; a new cycle of innovation was conceived.”

To validate work going forward, Above and Beyond formed a special Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to make sure the concepts and ideas put forth align with the original agenda and mission of the Summit. The SAB, along with the field’s leading experts, will play a central part in defining the biggest translational barriers for neuromuscular restoration and coordinating and facilitating international collaborations that could help achieve individual elements of the agenda.

Those living with these conditions are often affected in the prime of their lives with little
hope for a cure or even therapeutic treatments. Above and Beyond and the participants at the Summit are committed to changing the destiny of patients with neuromuscular diseases and traumatic injury. The organization intends to reconvene the experts again later this year.

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About the Organization:


Above and Beyond is a precision medicine company dedicated to discovering and translating new therapies for nervous system diseases at an accelerated pace. Using a four-pronged approach — personalized diagnostics, disease management, unprecedented therapy development and cutting-edge neural augmentation to compensate for deficits — its programs provide the support needed to bring innovative and personalized treatment to specific individuals. Taking precision medicine to a new level, Above and Beyond recruits a scientific advisory board (SAB) of field experts for each patient to determine all options that exist for the individual, outside the standard of care. To learn more, visit http://www.aboveandbeyondresearch.com.

Dr. Chen Benkler