Personalized diagnostics
Unprecedented therapies

With a demonstrated ability to discover and develop unprecedented treatment models, Above and Beyond Concierge Therapeutics innovates precision medicine toward the goal of restoring health and function to persons with diseases for which there is currently no cure. We combine hyper-personalized diagnostics and pioneering investigative techniques with translational medicine to discover and test restorative therapies. We accomplish this through:
Personalized diagnostics, advancing leading-edge genetic screening, biomarker assays, and patient stem cells manipulation for diagnostic and therapeutic screening.

Novel individuated therapies through FDA-approved drug repurposing, tailored gene therapies, access to investigational drugs, and accelerated translational development of promising preclinical therapies.


Augmenting neural functioning to compensate for deficits, using brain-computer interfaces, advanced sensor techniques, and other restorative approaches.

We work at an accelerated pace, not possible within traditional firms or most academic settings. Our unparalleled Scientific Advisory Boards and staff create innovation more effectively and rapidly. And our business model leverages translational medical approaches to propel personalized therapeutics toward treatments benefiting larger populations.


Our Science

Manipulating molecules – modifying outcomes

To explore novel therapies beyond the current standard of care which are not currently being developed or pursued, you need to push scientific boundaries by combining methods and techniques, borrowing and modifying when prudent, inventing and testing new approaches based on each patient’s unique biology and circumstances.

Neurodegenerative disease affects over 6 million persons in the U.S. More than 12,000 of these persons have been diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). To date, most research and therapeutic interventions have focused on limiting or slowing disease progression. At Above and Beyond, we pursue the restoration of function – through rapid and novel disease characterization and therapeutic intervention development and testing.

These new realities – tailoring treatments to an individual’s biology and repurposing diagnostic and therapeutic interventions – underpin the science behind Above and Beyond’s mission. We focus on patients with incurable conditions at stages that are above modern medicine’s capabilities, matching the research we facilitate to the exact condition, disease, genetic, and non-genetic factors of the individual. Our unique approach blends private health management with rapid-paced individuated therapeutic-driven research.

Our Approach

Personalized diagnostics and individuated therapy directed toward functional restoration

Above and Beyond Concierge Therapeutics delivers highly personalized therapeutic-oriented research combined with discovery and testing of novel therapeutic interventions at an accelerated pace for persons with incurable disease. At Above and Beyond Concierge Therapeutics, we have created an established structure with demonstrated ability to discover and develop unprecedented therapies for single patients at an accelerated pace. We accomplish this through a series of complementary practices:

  • Dedicated clinical and research teams perform clinical re-evaluations; custom diagnosis using advanced technology and selected partnerships
  • Improved disease management through customized care plans based on client goals and rich data sets; clinical and physical care teams; disease monitoring
  • Cutting-edge treatment plans including tailored treatments, FDA-approved drug repurposing, and access to investigational drugs
  • Taking precision medicine to a new level, Above and Beyond recruits for each patient a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of field experts representing multiple disciplines, to determine all options that exist for the individual, beyond the customary standard of care, exploring novel therapies not being currently developed or clinically investigated

Our Partners

Leveraging diverse expertise to expand and accelerate opportunities

Over the course of our business Above and Beyond Concierge Therapeutics has collaborated with select firms uniquely positioned to leverage our discoveries or support our techniques. We work closely with these enterprises as we acquire clients, advance our clinical trials, perform assays and diagnostics, and develop new methodologies. The brief profiles below reflect the collaborative capabilities that augment our efforts and add context to the rapidly advancing biotechnology ecosystem in which we operate.

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Above and Beyond is convinced that advancing the treatment of ALS patients from neuronal protection to the restoration of function will depend on advancements in highly personalized interventions, driven in part by patient and healthcare provider engagement. We seek to work with physicians and other clinicians who are considering referring patients likely to benefit from our services and experience. Interested clinicians should contact us through the form below – we would be delighted to discuss criteria and arrangements with you!